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BioSMART competition

For Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students

Free registration fees to BioSMART are offered to:
- The first two IEEE student member's paper submissions who got their papers accepted as first authors  (limited to one paper/institution)*.
- The first non-IEEE student paper submission who got an accepted paper*.

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Free-topic competition

Bachelor’s and Master’s students can present their graduation final projects (as a demo), including those under progress. Projects should be related to one of the conference topics, namely: smart systems,  computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, biosignals, Image processing, bio-instrumentation, bionics, biometrics, virtual and augmented reality etc.

Conditions: Bachelor’s or Master’s students. Teams of two students (max) are also eligible. 

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Specific-topic competition

Bachelor’s and Master’s students can participate to a specific competition proposed by BioSMART committee. In order to participate in this competition, candidates should respect the following rules:


  1. Candidates should have developed a computer vision application, implemented in a laptop equipped by a camera. This application should recognize the maximum number of features extracted from any conference attendee who stands up, in front a camera. For example, the application can recognize gender, expressions, height, clothes types and their colors, glasses, bags, etc. The best application will be the one that can extract the maximum of attributes from a group of people, selected randomly. 


  1. Candidates should deliver a letter from their supervisor certifying that the students have developed on their own, the application as an academic project. Only Bachelor’s and Master’s students are allowed to participate in this competition. Conditions: Bachelor’s or Master’s students. Teams of two students (max) are also eligible. 

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Best paper award

Competition BioSMART committee will deliver an award to the best paper presented by bachelor’s,  Master’s and  PhD students.

Paper submission
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